Neon Lights

Neon Lights

Friday, February 28, 2014

Fate VS Destiny

I just finished watching 'My Love From The Star', a Korean drama that I have been following for 11 weeks and finally the final episode was aired tonight. When I think about the drama, a saying just popped in my head. It goes like this 'Destined to meet and fated to love'. Its like almost bittersweet. If you never knew the bitter taste, you won't be able to appreciate the sweetness. I don't really know the meaning (I know but not exactly) or the difference between the two. To me, destiny can be changed but fated is unavoidable. Destiny is like the people you meet and the choices you make. Fate is like no matter how much hardship that you go through, if it meant to be it will eventually be no matter what happens. From my experience from watching thousands of k-drama, fate is like something inter-connected. For an example, like love. No matter how you avoid it or not wanting it to happen to you. It will, eventually.

 There is a Chinese proverb saying something like this, in every human being there is like a read string tied to everyone. In most k-drama, fate will intervenes such as memory loss, fatal diseases or in mild cases where there is a big misunderstanding that will cause that connection to be lost but in the end it will eventually come back - stronger. So in life, there is true love but only once. Either it was your true love, it is your true love or still searching for true love. It all depends on fate. Some married their true love - which seem only one in a million these days, since Romeo and Juliet. While some might marry out of obligation or money or arranged. To be loved or to love??? Its a question that I often hear from people and the answer I got wasn't actually an answer but a question. For a bird is the left wing is more important or the right wing???. Life is only once, you don't know what happens in the afterlife (all those who went there never came back) and you don't know are you gonna be reborn or whatever. What you have is here and now. Sometimes you should really appreciate who you love because the same person might not come again or that person might suddenly disappear. The ending of the drama is the girl will appreciate every moment that they had, having and will have because she doesn't know when he will leave or come back. He might never come back.  

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dream VS Reality

I am new to blogging and I don't have any readers yet. So, the first few posts is gonna be about myself. Because it is really important for my readers to know me. What story I am going to write and who I am as a person - only my close friends knows about me not my future readers and followers. I am not sure yet what is my blog is going to be about but most probably about myself, my writings, fashion, things I wan to do and how I do it. About my past, I will do flash backs and if it is related to what I am going through or what i do reminds me of it, so slowly you will know what I have been through for the past 20 years. I guess I will start with my dream... The reason for this blog is for my dream. It never had cross my mind before that I wanted to be a writer - if you had asked me 5 years ago, i would have just laughed it off... But now writing is going to be part of my life (hopefully) or it had already been a part of my life - its just that I didn't notice it or it was a small part and it decided to grow bigger with time??? Now lets go back to my dream. If you had asked me what I wan to become or what is my ambition, I would probably give you like ten occupation or like jobs that make a lot of money. But right now, I feel lucky to even have a dream that I could try and hopefully accomplish. Because as much as you hear success stories that a particular person achieve their dream and living it every single day, you will also see people who doesn't believe in dreams - they are living the norm, trapped in the vicious cycle of life, where you are supposed to be born, go to school, go to college, graduate, marry your first or your high school sweetheart, have children and then die. Period.
But me, I have always had a wild side and a mind set that something amazing should happen everyday because there is a quote which goes like this 'Live like a thousand years in a day but not a thousand years in a day' which made me realize that you can live until you are 70 or 80 years old but in reality you have only lived a few days in your life because most of it was repetition... I don't want that to happen to me, even if it happens I will try to minimize it. But in reality its not, its difficult to do so... For the past 20 years for me, it was like repetition... I can remember it clearly because that is not much to remember anyway - its just like you live one day and photocopied it to 300 days maybe and the other 65 days were special occasions or holidays. That is why, when I hit the number 20, I am going to live everyday differently... 
How??? By doing little things like kindness - letting an old grandmother have your seat in a bus (nowadays with the world moving so fast, people are loosing common courtesy and compassion) or having a warm conversation with an old grandpa by the park bench or taking a walk in the evening or having a picnic on a sunny day or play in the rain... There is always something different you can do everyday... 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Inspiration To Write

I think when you start a blog, you would write anything. I think most people or my readers in the future would ask. 'Why did you start writing a blog?' Well, some people would do it for healing, pass time, to get famous, or therapy. 'Why did I?' I can't tell you exactly, but one thing I know is that I love to write. Not really from the day I was born but slowly. Things will happen when the time comes. I guess now is... I actually wanted to start a blog long time ago but I kept waiting for the right time. In the end, I read a quote when I was browsing through my Facebook wall saying 'If you wait for the perfect time or condition to get things started or get things done, you will never be able to do it. What you have is here and now. Do it!'. That quote did not really get me started but my good friend. So, I am right here writing my first post. Okay~ Now go back to why I wanted to write. Well the most solid reason is I love it. Other than that, I want to remember things- like happy things, sad ones too. Because life is a mystery, its like a story book. You go through pages to pages, chapter to chapter and is more like a journey. Not knowing what is gonna happen tomorrow is nerve-wrecking and exciting, sometimes scary and fearful. Life would not be fun and interesting if you know what is gonna happen to you in 10 years or 20 years. Its just like knowing your test results before you even took the paper or started studying and revising.. Or like knowing who are you going to marry before even meeting that person. In book language, its like reading the first few pages and immediately reading the last page to know what happen to the family or couple. But I feel its not about the ending, its about the story. Writing is also a form of memory keeper and there is other few memory keeper like picture and the heart. Living the moment, writing what you felt at that exact time. In near future when you read what you wrote - it will remind you all the happy and touching memories that made you so happy... 'Why didn't I just take pictures and keep them?' you might be wondering. Because beautiful thing can't be seen, it can only be felt and also I prefer writing to be my memory keeper compared to pictures and the heart (I might get a heart-attack if I store too much)