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Neon Lights

Friday, February 28, 2014

Fate VS Destiny

I just finished watching 'My Love From The Star', a Korean drama that I have been following for 11 weeks and finally the final episode was aired tonight. When I think about the drama, a saying just popped in my head. It goes like this 'Destined to meet and fated to love'. Its like almost bittersweet. If you never knew the bitter taste, you won't be able to appreciate the sweetness. I don't really know the meaning (I know but not exactly) or the difference between the two. To me, destiny can be changed but fated is unavoidable. Destiny is like the people you meet and the choices you make. Fate is like no matter how much hardship that you go through, if it meant to be it will eventually be no matter what happens. From my experience from watching thousands of k-drama, fate is like something inter-connected. For an example, like love. No matter how you avoid it or not wanting it to happen to you. It will, eventually.

 There is a Chinese proverb saying something like this, in every human being there is like a read string tied to everyone. In most k-drama, fate will intervenes such as memory loss, fatal diseases or in mild cases where there is a big misunderstanding that will cause that connection to be lost but in the end it will eventually come back - stronger. So in life, there is true love but only once. Either it was your true love, it is your true love or still searching for true love. It all depends on fate. Some married their true love - which seem only one in a million these days, since Romeo and Juliet. While some might marry out of obligation or money or arranged. To be loved or to love??? Its a question that I often hear from people and the answer I got wasn't actually an answer but a question. For a bird is the left wing is more important or the right wing???. Life is only once, you don't know what happens in the afterlife (all those who went there never came back) and you don't know are you gonna be reborn or whatever. What you have is here and now. Sometimes you should really appreciate who you love because the same person might not come again or that person might suddenly disappear. The ending of the drama is the girl will appreciate every moment that they had, having and will have because she doesn't know when he will leave or come back. He might never come back.  

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