Neon Lights

Neon Lights

Saturday, March 1, 2014


I don't really know what I going to write today but I am just gonna get everything out of my head about today. What is the exact definition of having a successful life??? If you asked me I honestly don't know. Had tea time with my to close friends that really cared about me. Lots of things is going on in my mind and I don't even know where am I anymore - its like getting lost in a place full of confusion where and the really bad things and really good things has an equal chance of happening. Where occasions that happens by mistake or carelessness become a matter of life and death. We will start with all the questions that are floating in my head - some of it doesn't even make sense so just ignore it (I might be even closer to being insane). What am I doing right now??? Where am I gonna be in ten years??? The thing I feared most which is regret, will it hunt me for life just because I made so crazy decision??? Will I die young??? All the things that I want to do, can it all be done??? Will I end up being useless for not knowing how bad thing are??? (But things are always as bad as they seem, and it will get better) By doing stuff that I don't like, will it be come the things I like??? Will I be jobless like in ten years??? Things are unpredictable. Things are impossible. You kinda have to learn to cope with hardships and sadness and failure. Learn to appreciate things that are precious like love, kindness, care, comfort and so on. Live everyday like your last. Want to do something, do it now. Don't be afraid of failures and anticipate in life because its beautiful. Look forward for tomorrow because it might never come. Did I ever do things for me??? Days are long, but the years are short. Everyday is a challenge and years will fly. No matter the things that you do are for other or for you. One thing for sure the consequences are on you no matter good or bad. You might end up mopping the floor as a job or making billions of dollars. People can only be happy for you or be sad for you. People are very judgmental and it is scary. Now I don't even know that the attitude I am having is gonna bring me to destruction or construction. 

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