Neon Lights

Neon Lights

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Present

The word word present has two meaning. One is a gift and another one is here and now. I want to start living the present because is the best present I can give myself. Living the moment. All the plans, it will never work. So, if I wan to do something I will do it here and now. Life is roller coaster, it has ups and downs, you will smile and cry too but the most importantly enjoy the ride. Being present in the moment - feeling right here and right now is calm. Because I live in the society - I believe the whole world does too, where people let their past haunt them in the present and future rather than let their past mistake becomes their teacher, not only mistake good decisions and choices too. They are always - I am too always anxious about the future that might never come because you spent most of your time in the present worrying on the things that might never happen. You can only deal with problems when they come not when they are inside your head telling you 'what if'. I am a person that only can learn from my own mistakes - I think so. I am a very stubborn and persistent. I don't know what I really want. Life its how you live but sometimes it also has his own ways. I am not afraid of failing because you can always get back up, what I am most afraid is not being able or not wanting to get up. I always like the quote 'When you fail ten times, its okay but get up eleven times'. Being frustrated and being sad over things that did not go right doesn't help you in any way - is being frustrated is gonna make the past change or make the future better?. No. Its just taking away your time in the present that should be filled with love, happiness and peace. Life actually has no explanation because is a mystery - like a mystery box. For everyone that opens it has different things inside. Different battles to fight, different pain endurance, different environment and so on with all the things in life that are different. How many times you actually look up the sky and was mesmerized by its beauty. How about sunrise an sunset? How about the moon? These are all the gifts to humankind that we take for-granted. Learn to appreciate small things, when the big things comes you will be overwhelmed and appreciate it even more. One's had said before and it is sad but true 'Easier said than done'.    

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