Neon Lights

Neon Lights

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Destination VS Journey

I believe that everyone has a goal to achieve or a destination to arrive in life or maybe to reach a certain stability in the future. But in order to see that, you must follow or carve or create or grasp (in any way you can think of) to reach there. Means that your goal is set. No matter how hard or easy the journey gets you will and you must reach your destination - in other words your goal. For example if you want to be rich, you will do everything to make your money grow such as investments, business or maybe the skill that you have. Some people expect that they reach the goal by 30 years old. Becoming successful or famous need a lot of time and effort. Some people has short cuts and some people has to take a u-turn or the longest road compared to all roads that has ever existed in this world. I am sure everyone wants the fastest way to reach you goal or the stability of life. I myself wants that, but life doesn't works that way. In a way I just need to know what my journey is all about. Because I know that there is an equal chance for me to change my mind if things gets easy or if things gets difficult to the extent that I might betray myself. I feel that right now I need to face all the sadness, disappointment, broken promises, the past, failures, fear, stupidity, bad choices, mistakes and so much more. I need to know the taste of hitting rock bottom and being there and how society and the world treats you when you are trying to pick up those pieces and putting them back together with a slime on your face and with an optimistic and positive attitude. In that way, when I climb, drag, crawl or walk my way up regardless of time and effort. I will not be afraid of all the negativeness and fear I have to face because I have been there. Who doesn't want to have a life without worries, failures and disappointment? I feel that why do people struggle so much is because the they don't want to accept 'what is' and kept thinking of 'what if'. Since I am already here, why don't I just accept what is and learn from and see where do I go from here. You could be living life so well that nothing is wrong with it, but if something goes wrong. Can you be able to face it? I feel like an alien, or a retarded person because I always wants to go against the current - mindset. I always think the good things first before the bad, the happy before the sad, smiling before crying and hope before despair. Will I be able to prove all of them wrong? To live a peaceful, happy, joyful life with hope, faith and charity. Wish my readers a very good luck in achieving the beautiful life that they want. =') 

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