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Neon Lights

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Memory Of A Day In May (五月天)

Recently, I have started to like a Taiwanese band that has been singing for a long time but I have never notice them. The band is called Mayday or 五月天. Their lyrics are really touching and meaningful. For a person like me that is not a Chinese educated person - I can speak only, can't read or write (only simple ones). I think if I continue liking them, my English will improve tremendously. It really shows me that true talent doesn't need a perfect figure or a handsome face - you just need a heart the feels. If you listen to their songs, it is really amazing in fact how they can deliver all the emotions in a song where billions of people can relate. Most of the songs that I like are love songs. These are the few songs that I like and are currently addicted to. The first song is  你不是真正的快乐 or You are not really sincerely happy. The first time I heard the song, it brought me to tears. Tears was practically just kept on flowing and I just realized that night - that moment I was not really happy. Then I also stared to realize why sometimes I cry myself to sleep at night. Caring to much what other people think, blinded by fear and lack or zero confidence. Thinking back, I have become better now, loving myself more, trying harder to forgive, love everyone without fear of getting hurt. I still struggle and face challenges but overall I am really happy now, not a lie to avoid all the explanation but just simply really happy without any condition. The second song is  我不愿让你一个人 or I am not willing to leave you alone. This songs makes me feel 幸福 or happy. Because I really hope to find a love that is simple not asking much, just don't let me be alone. When I am walking whether its rains or shine, just hold my hand.

And last but not least, the third song is 突然好想你 or Suddenly I really miss you. The sense of longing for a person - family, friend or lover. Especially if that person leaves a sweet or nostalgic memory. It could be a simple one like having a simple meal together in the morning of the first day of Chinese New Year - where all the family members you haven't seen for a year is there or a simple gesture from a lover that makes you suddenly miss him - where on a rainy day he gives you his umbrella and getting himself wet because of that or kind words or caring from a friend that makes you miss her. Recalling all that memory suddenly in any day of any time. 
These are the top three songs that really affected me in a way that - heartstrings get pulled or strummed.  

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